The first 100% British MBA in Romania

Electrogrup has endorsed over the years numerous projects in the field of education, which we consider essential for the prosperity of the Romanian society. We believe the public-private partnership to be extremely important in providing quality services in the managerial education. This is the reason we proudly support the first 100% British MBA in Romania The project is a collaboration between Babes-Bolyai University, University of Hull (UK), Banca Transilvania, and Electrogrup.

Collegium. Excellence in Education

The "Collegium. Excellence in Education" Programme fosters creativity in the educational institutions of Cluj-Napoca, among pupils, students and other volunteers of the community, by setting-up spaces which facilitate a practical approach to the curriculum and enable a wider range of teaching styles. It encourages excellence in education and innovation by supporting projects of wide scope, which address a large pool of beneficiaries, both from the current and future generations of pupils and students.Having reached its third edition in 2013, Collegium equips with modern teaching aids five schools and high schools from Cluj-Napoca.

In 2012, we raised the awareness of students and Master's students from technical faculties about the needs in schools. They developed appropriate technical solutions, and thus four projects have been brought to life: robot learning algorithms at M. Eminescu High School, virtual school records and on-line tests at E. Racovita College, interactive classes for the students with special needs from Cluj.

A programme supported by Cluj Community Foundation


Undergoing its second edition, this programme gives the opportunity to 31 students of the Energetic Technical High School and of the "Anghel Saligny" Technical High School to learn a trade through hands-on experience, from the employees of local companies specialising in energy and constructions.

The "class of 2012" are currently pursuing their university studies, or have undertaken a job.

This programme addresses a double need: on the one hand, that of the technical school students, who are given the chance to add field experience to their theoretical knowledge acquired in schools; on the other hand, that of the local business environment, which is given the chance to train first-hand the future work force.

A programme organised with Danis Foundation.

Health for Life

The chief goal of Electrogup is to provide recreational alternatives to the patients who must spend, due to the nature of the treatment or service required, an extended amount of time in the sponsored institutions. At the same time, these facilities may serve as auxiliary equipment in the efficient treatment of patients.

Electrogrup rewards performance.

This is an in-house programme aimed to support the education of the employee's children, whereby school performances are rewarded. The programme is extended externally through Collegium. Excellence in Education.