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In our 27 years of experience on the market, we have had over 400 professionals in our employment, working both in Romania and in other European countries: Germany, Poland, and Belgium. Electrogrup`s success was not based solely on technical competencies, but also on teamwork, professionalism, and involvement. We believe that the outcome of our work contributes to the progress of society: the built infrastructure and the smart services provided underlie the development of future generations. Our dynamism and excellence are built every day on the team`s energy and motivation, whose competence differentiates us in the market. Each project we are involved in contributes to raising our expertise level and makes us an “Engineering School”.


To provide high-quality services to our clients and to bring added value to an extremely competitive market, we only bring professionals to our team. We desire to be better and better, and the reason why we place a strong emphasis on training the technical staff. After all, a significant amount of the professional development process takes place directly in the workplace. Our employees are the key to our success. To be part of the Electrogrup team you must:

Be passionate – Even if we are active in a technical field, we work passionately. We are completely dedicated to every project run and we focus on providing excellent services.


Be professional – Professionalism is an essential requirement that we demand from each employee, current or future. Our team has best-in-class technical skills, at all corporate levels.

Have collaboration skills – A big part of our activity depends on teamwork. We believe each of us is valuable, we support and respect each other, and we build relationships that expand beyond the professional environment.

Honour your commitments – We do our best to rigorously respect our commitments. We have strengthened our position and reputation in the market through innovative, sustainable, infrastructure works, and timely delivery.


If you want to join Electrogrup`s team of professionals, please check the list of available positions and fill in the application form. You can obtain additional information about Electrogrup`s work opportunities by sending an e-mail to recrutare@electrogrup.ro or to internship@electrogrup.ro .

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