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Eximbank grants Electrogrup financial package

In April, this year, EximBank granted Electrogrup a financial package of 11 million euros, intended for export services. The financial package includes a multi-product credit, to provide the working capital needed to run the company’s current business and a guarantee threshold for the export activity. This agreement demonstrates EximBank’s flexibility and capability to provide the corporate segment with competitive financial solutions, thus supporting both local business projects as well as complex investment programs with international participation, programs in which Romanian companies have the opportunity to capitalize on their high level of competence. The guarantee threshold of the financial agreement will be used by Electrogrup to participate in a complex investment project in Poland. The project aims to stabilize and improve the soil in order to build a production unit on a surface of 65-ha. “We would be happy to have important infrastructure projects in Romania, that we can develop. Until then, we will increase our expertise in Germany, Russia, UK, Poland and other countries, continuing with the shareholder’s strategy of making Electrogrup a multinational company with Romanian capital. We will therefore continue to engage in international projects that require complex work and we want to have partners, like EximBank, to ...
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