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Eximbank grants Electrogrup financial package

In April, this year, EximBank granted Electrogrup a financial package of 11 million euros, intended for export services. The financial package includes a multi-product credit, to provide the working capital needed to run the company’s current business and a guarantee threshold for the export activity. This agreement demonstrates EximBank’s flexibility and capability to provide the corporate segment with competitive financial solutions, thus supporting both local business projects as well as complex investment programs with international participation, programs in which Romanian companies have the opportunity to capitalize on their high level of competence. The guarantee threshold of the financial agreement will be used by Electrogrup to participate in a complex investment project in Poland. The project aims to stabilize and improve the soil in order to build a production unit on a surface of 65-ha. “We would be happy to have important infrastructure projects in Romania, that we can develop. Until then, we will increase our expertise in Germany, Russia, UK, Poland and other countries, continuing with the shareholder’s strategy of making Electrogrup a multinational company with Romanian capital. We will therefore continue to engage in international projects that require complex work and we want to have partners, like EximBank, to ...
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Electrogrup enters the Bucharest construction market with a residential project developed by Nusco Imobiliara worth 5.6 million euro
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Electrogrup, member of the E-INFRA holding, announces the start of works for the third phase of the residential project CITTA’ Residential Park,  developed by Nusco Imobiliara, one of the largest industry operators in Romania, worth over 5.6 million euro. “Our proven experience in the construction area in Romania and other European states is highlighted by […]

Electrogrup signs a new contract for infrastructure development – design and execution works for marking and landscaping the Ghimbav – Brașov Airport runway
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Electrogrup, member of the E-INFRA group, announces that it expands its critical infrastructure development strategy by adding the component of airport projects, and the first step, the design and execution works for marking and landscaping the Ghimbav – Brașov Airport runway, will be completed by the end of next year and will involve about 200 […]

Electrogrup starts 5G developments with a first project in the Netherlands
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Electrogrup, a member company of the E-INFRA group, announces that it has begun deployment works for a 5G telecommunications network, in the Netherlands, country that holds a top position in the Speedtest Global Index ranking – 7th worldwide by mobile Internet speed, and the project is among the first 5G network development initiatives at European […]

Almost 30 managers and entrepreneurs start the EMBA University of Hull program in Cluj-Napoca
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The fifth generation of students will soon start the EMBA University of Hull program, the only 100% British business school in Cluj-Napoca. The start of the courses is due February 7th, with the teaching of the Induction module, delivered by Dr. Nicholas Snowden, Director of the EMBA program at the University of Hull.   Nearly […]

Two scholarships, 15.000 euro each, at EMBA University of Hull
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For those interested in taking a step forward in their professional and personal development, Banca Transilvania, Electrogrup and SIF Moldova, in partnership with and, offer two scholarships, 15.000 euro each, at the EMBA University of Hull. The scholarship covers the tuition for the two years of study at the first 100% British school […]

Executive MBA University of Hull launches a new pathway: Tech EMBA
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EMBA University of Hull, the 100% British business school in Cluj-Napoca, has a new partner, the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Through this partnership, a new pathway for the ongoing programme is launched: The Tech EMBA. The new pathway is dedicated to those who work in IT and technology and consists of courses on infrastructure management, […]

Netcity becomes part of the Electrogrup Group
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Since February this year, Netcity Telecom, the Bucharest’s operator of the underground fiber optic network, is part of the Electrogrup Group. Direct One, an independent provider of fiber optic infrastructure for telecommunications, took over the entire stock package of the operator. Thus, Electrogrup became the general contractor for the development and maintenance of the Netcity […]

Netcity becomes part of E-INFRA
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Since february this year, Netcity Telecom, the Bucharest`s operator of the underground fiber optic network, is part of the Electrogrup Group, Direct one, an… Sed congue nunc pharetra dignissim aliquet. Fusce elementum eros aliquam, sodales nisi quis, sodales magna. Integer congue convallis adipiscing. Aliquam erat volutpat. Sed sed erat quis ligula posuere luctus commodo luctus […]

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