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Starting with the end of 2017, Electrogrup is part of the holding company Electrogrup Infrastructure, along with Direct One, Nova Power&Gas, Wesee and Netcity Telecom. Together, we redefine our focus on expanding and upgrading the telecommunications infrastructure, on clean energy production and the operation and integration of energy infrastructure and civil infrastructures.

The group of companies provides its customers turn-key design, implementation, maintenance and dispatching solutions, in complex projects developed at a national and international level. The optimization of costs, deployment times and environmental impact are key features of Electrogrup’s strategy, an important focus resting on exploiting the potential for interconnectivity of the areas in which we operate.

Direct One, established in 2007, is a provider of bandwidth infrastructure services for the telecom operators and media companies. The company developed its own telecom high-capacity network, equipped with the latest technologies available. It currently owns and operates a backbone fiber based network of over 6.000 km, covering 53 cities and in-between settlements from Romania.

Netcity is a telecom infrastructure operator which joined the Electrogrup Group in April 2017. Its main responsibilities consist of the design, the implementation and the technical and commercial assistance of the Netcity network. This network will be made available equally, transparently and non-discriminatingly to all telecom operators from Bucharest.

Nova Power & Gas delivers electricity and natural gas to a wide array of residential and industrial consumers. Its mission is to offer an integrated services package, as well as consumption and costs optimization solutions.

WESEE started its activity in Romania in 2010 as a company specialized in installations and maintenance for wind farms. The company has continuously evolved, adding new business lines – various energy services, aviation warning system repairs, and in 2022 it joined the E-INFRA group of companies.

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