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Since 2017, Electrogrup has been part of the holding company E-INFRA, which comprises 5 Romanian companies active in the fields of energy, construction, and telecommunications infrastructure.

Within the E-INFRA holding, alongside Electrogrup, there are Nova Power and Gas, engaged in energy production, supply of energy and natural gas, natural gas distribution, and energy and gas trading; Netcity Telecom, a company that develops and operates metropolitan fiber optic infrastructure in Bucharest; Direct One, the operator of the largest neutral long-haul fiber optic network with national coverage, providing maintenance services and telecommunications projects; and WESEE, offering comprehensive installation and maintenance services for wind parks.

Nova Power & Gas, a company with 100% Romanian capital, is part of the E-INFRA group, along with Electrogrup, Direct One, Netcity, and WESEE. It entered the market for electricity and natural gas supply in 2007 in Cluj-Napoca and has been providing electricity and natural gas services since then, becoming one of the most esteemed suppliers on the market today.


Direct One is a privately-owned Romanian company, founded in 2007, which has developed its own high-capacity network. The company owns and operates a backbone network of over 4,500 km of fiber optic cables, covering 49 cities across the country and the areas in between them. Our fiber optic infrastructure provides a scalable, top-quality solution for our clients throughout Romania.


Netcity Telecom designs, constructs, manages, and operates an underground telecommunications infrastructure aimed at meeting the users’ need to establish electronic communication networks, while also enhancing the visual appearance of the city by migrating overhead cable networks underground.


WESEE began its operations in Romania in 2010 as a company specialized in installations and maintenance for wind parks. The company has continuously evolved, adding new lines of business such as various energy services and repairs of aviation warning systems. In 2022, WESEE joined the E-INFRA group of companies.

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