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Electrogrup is a Romanian company founded in 1997 with the desire to offer innovative and high quality services in the power infrastructure field. Over time, we have grown from a small electrical installations consultancy firm into a reputed power, telecom and civil infrastructure builder.

The expertise of Electrogrup`s team lays right in the center of our success, of our market position strengthened over the past 26 years. The company provides its customers turn-key design, implementation, maintenance and dispatching solutions, in  complex power, telecom and civil infrastructure projects developed at a national and international level.

The experience accumulated over the years, the high degree of professionalism and the high amount of successful projects helped us develop effective work processes, through which we offer “smart” solutions: timely, reliable, innovative, economical and sustainable.

The main pillars of success of  Electrogrup are its expertise, its dynamism and its sustainability. All these factors have contributed to the strengthening of our market position as leader in the development of systems and networks of high importance for our society.


Aware of the technological interconnectivity`s importance, we transformed the synergies between these fields into competitive advantages. We exploited the innovative cross-sector concept, which allowed us to reduce the costs, the execution time and the environmental footprint.

This is our main competitive edge, through which we managed to strengthen our reputation and to win the trust of our business partners.

We began by placing telecom infrastructure on top of the existing power infrastructure and, since then, we continously exploited the interconnectivity between different fields.

Using the already built telecom infrastructure, Direct One, member of the Electrogrup Group, operates the first National Data Carrier Network from Romania, offering complete data carrier and video management services for the media industry.

Over time, we have developed several innovative projects by applying the cross-sector concept:

>> Telecom sites on hight voltage power lines 110kV

>> Optic fiber in OPGW technology on high voltage power lines.

>> Joint maintenante of the power and the telecom infrastructure.


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