Electrogrup is a constant supporter of development projects for the Romanian society. For 20 years, we have constantly invested in building vital infrastructure, in order to provide a new way of living in our country.

Within our community engagement strategy we promote the spirit of corporate social responsibility in the business environment. We focus especially on the development of strategic programs in the education sector.

Allied with non-governmental organizations, we support various projects in the general education field. At the same time, we develop our own initiatives in the vocational education field or we close partnerships for the post-graduate education field.

100% British MBA

We believe the public-private partnership to be extremely important in providing quality services in the managerial education. This is the reason why we proudly support the first 100% British MBA in Romania. The project is a collaboration between Babes-Bolyai University, University of Hull (UK), Banca Transilvania and Electrogrup.


In collaboration with the Danis Foundation, we are part of the EduPractic program, which addresses a double need. On one hand, it offers the students from technical schools the chance to add field experience to their theoretical knowledge acquired in schools. On the other hand, the local business environment is given the chance to train first-hand the future work force.

“Frate de Carte” Scholarship Program

Year by year, we support the scholarship program named “Frate de Carte”, run by Transylvania College. Its aim is to grant equal chances and access to a better education for children with lower income sources. Therefore, it is addressed to rural and urban students with excellent academic results, who win prizes at contests and school Olympics, as well as have a rich extracurricular activity.

Collegium. Excellence in Education

Another dear project of ours is “Collegium. Excellence in Education”. This program encourages excellence in education and innovation, by supporting projects with a wide scope, which address a large pool of beneficiaries, both from the current and the future generations of pupils and students. It involves setting-up spaces which facilitate a practical approach to the curriculum and enable a wider range of teaching styles. The program is supported by Cluj Community Foundation.