Netcity becomes part of the Electrogrup Group

Since February this year, Netcity Telecom, the Bucharest’s operator of the underground fiber optic network, is part of the Electrogrup Group. Direct One, an independent provider of fiber optic infrastructure for telecommunications, took over the entire stock package of the operator. Thus, Electrogrup became the general contractor for the development and maintenance of the Netcity network infrastructure.

The company is a communications infrastructure operator. Its main responsibilities consist of the design, the implementation and the technical and commercial assistance of the Netcity network. The network will be made available equally, transparently and non-discriminatingly to all telecom operators from Bucharest.

The main objective of the project is to ensure equal access to all citizens to high-speed and high-quality communications, as well as to a full range of telecommunication service providers, thus leading to local economic growth and social development.

The Netcity project is one of the most ambitious and most useful projects of the capital city and a vital one for the development of Bucharest’s communications services. Its implementation allowed the citizens access to media content, eliminated the monopoly held by the cable operators, significantly reduces the cost of subscriptions and contributed to a European look of the capital city by removing the cables on the poles.

The Netcity project is part of the European economic and social development of local communities’ policy and is designed to develop a modern city, aligned with the latest European urban planning and quality of life requirements.

In addition to the considerable financial and material investments, the Netcity project represents the expertise and effort of an ambitious and visionary team. Up to now, the network measures more than 1.000 kilometers of fiber optics cables, which cover the central area of Bucharest and connects approximately 12.000 buildings.

“We consider it a Romanian entrepreneurship success to be able to expand our investments in the telecommunication infrastructure, which is very important for the country’s economic development. We intend to further expand the Netcity network so that the infrastructure can support the development of the city as well as future Smart City projects in Bucharest.” said Marian Pantazescu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Direct One.