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Eximbank grants Electrogrup financial package

In April, this year, EximBank granted Electrogrup a financial package of 11 million euros, intended for export services. The financial package includes a multi-product credit, to provide the working capital needed to run the company’s current business and a guarantee threshold for the export activity. This agreement demonstrates EximBank’s flexibility and capability to provide the […]



EXTERNAL PROJECTS - POLAND One of the most important construction projects that Electrogrup develops during this period is in Poland, on an area of approximately 70 ha. The project includes land stabilization and improvement works, construction works to build a production plant and construction of roads and paved platforms, with over 260 employees involved in [...]


EXTERNAL PROJECTS - BELGIUM Through the experience gained in projects developed in Romania and the high degree of professionalism of our teams, we are developing complex telecommunication infrastructure projects in Belgium. One of the ongoing projects consists in swapping radio equipment, installing / uninstalling antennas, reconfiguring the site and integrating newly installed equipment.
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