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Radiation-type foundation of the reactor chamber Surface: 1.008,76 m2 Concrete volume: 968,9 m3 Armature: 93,00 t Metallic parts embedded in concrete: 5,59 t Number of persons in charge with execution: 30 Execution time: 2 weeks Foundation for adhesive tanks Surface: 2.688,00 m2 Concrete volume: 3.763,00 m3 Armature: 99,40 t Metallic parts embedded in concrete: 4,50 [...]
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Eximbank grants Electrogrup financial package

In April, this year, EximBank granted Electrogrup a financial package of 11 million euros, intended for export services. The financial package includes a multi-product credit, to provide the working capital needed to run the company’s current business and a guarantee threshold for the export activity. This agreement demonstrates EximBank’s flexibility and capability to provide the […]

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